Guardian Lightning Protection

Lightning Damage

Lightning damage comes in many forms. Uninsurable lightning damage is any damage that causes disruption or inconvenience in your life or business.

Commercial and residential property owners’ greatest exposure comes from insurable lightning damage. These damages, both physical and structural, can include wrongful death, fire, and the degradation, interruption and destruction of essential Electronic Infrastructure (EI).

Over the last two decades floods are the only deadly weather occurrence to kill more people each year than lightning.  Nearly 10% of all those struck by lightning, die.

78,000 policyholders were paid nearly $1 billion against lightning claims in 2018 alone.

Types of lightning injury:

  • Direct strikes
    High fatality rates.
  • Contact injuries
    Victims are touching the object that is struck.
  • Side flashes
    Lightning strikes a tall object and current jumps from that object to the nearby victim.
  • Fire
    Fires can begin anywhere within the structure. Electrical fires travel quickly.

Appliance Damage occurs when any appliance or device plugged into an impacted circuit is damaged. This can include climate control systems, SMART home devises, routers, modems, SMART TVs, computers, servers, gaming systems and other electronics and systems.

Electronic Infrastructure (EI) describes all the systems within a structure tethered to electrical supply. They include those systems tethered to the building and its occupants’ operations.

The consequences of these systems’ failure range from inconvenient to irreparable.

$1.7 trillion dollars in data was lost in one year alone. Lightning is a direct threat to data.

The Myth

Lightning strikes the same place twice. This, in spite of the myth you’ve heard and likely repeated. Case in point: Lightning strikes Chicago’s Willis (Sears) Tower, John Hancock Center and Trump Tower anywhere from 50 to 100 times each year.

 A lightning protection system, after the fact, does nothing to remedy previous damage or injury. Professionally designed, installed, inspected and certified lightning protection systems and grounding systems are proven protection for lightning damage to the structure and its occupants. Whether a commercial building or residential property owner, contact Guardian in Novi, Michigan today.  A critical uses and vulnerabilities analysis, encompassing the NFPA 780 risk assessment analysis and report, begins your project, addressing your property or structure’s total exposure to a damaging lightning strike.