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Monthly Archives: October 2019

FAQ: Do homeowner insurance policies cover lightning damage?

Generally, most homeowner policies cover property damage caused by lightning. However, many insurance companies may deny future claims caused by another lightning strike and/or may not renew your policy.

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Renewable Energy Assets

Most renewable energy equipment in use today, such as solar panels and wind turbines, have higher risk factors for being hit by lightning due to their elevated and/or isolated location.

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Thor Guard

Thor Guard is the only stand-alone lightning warning device used by the LPGA, the PGA Tour, Sr. PGA Tour, Nike Tour, most USGA section and many local sections of the PGA of America. It’s the choice of Marriott Golf, The PGA Tournament Player's Clubs, ABC Television Sports, the Mobile Weather Team and the Atlanta Summer Olympics.

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FAQ: How much does a lightning protection system for a home cost?

Each residential structure is unique and requires a custom-designed lightning protection system that meets UL, the National Fire Protection Association and Lightning Protection Institute standards.

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